Dirty Little Secrets

I have a deep, dark secret that I have not shared with pretty much anyone.  I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but here goes—I have twelve children and I’m only 29 years old.  I know, TWELVE.  Not just the two I have claimed here on my blog. Crazy, right?

What, you don’t believe me?  Well, here’s the proof.


Laundry in photo may appear smaller than in real life. 

See! That has to be the laundry of AT LEAST twelve kids because it would be absolutely ridiculous (and completely un-domestic) to have that much laundry lying around with only two children under the roof.

Oh, alright.  I only have two kids and I guess the real deep, dark secret is that I haven’t done laundry in over a month (Or two.  Let’s just say, I’m rounding down. Maybe by a lot). You see, laundry is the enemy.  I’m sure we all have that chore that we detest and slide to the end of the list, right? Mine is definitely laundry.  (I would say dishes falls into the same category, but since I’ve given that task to my husband with threat of never cooking again if he gives me lip about it, I no longer have dishes on my to-do list.)

Laundry is the least rewarding for me.  A dirty bathroom can be cleaned in less than an hour leaving me with a happy giddy feeling every time I walk past.  A nice swept floor brings joy every time I walk across it and my socks don’t get stuck to goldfish and blobs of play dough. But laundry?  It takes FOREVER to wash AND dry one single load.  And then I still have to fold, hang, iron, press, mend, darn and put away (or something like that).  And that’s only one load.  And by the time I get all the loads finished, there is more dirty laundry finding it’s way into the house. Not rewarding.  Not motivating.

So I put it off until the situation becomes severe.  Until the laundry begins climbing the walls (as can be seen in the previous photo) in a desperate attempt to find a loving home where wash and dry aren’t curse words. Until I put my son in a pair of pink leggings with butterflies and tell people he’s my long lost niece Brutus-ella, because it is the last pair of pants in the house. Until I start telling everyone my daughter dresses herself because I can’t find a shirt and skirt that even remotely look like they go together.

So what’s your dirty little secret?  Toys stashed under the couch rather than put away? Giving your kids only finger foods because there aren’t any clean spoons and you refuse to do the dishes? An inch layer of dirt on the bookshelves you just don’t want to dust?*

*These are all hypotheticals to get your mind going, certainly not other confessions I’m making.


Andrea S. said...

haha! I just found your blog. I love the post!!! Laundry IS the enemy. We live in a place where I have to lug it over to the coin op laundry. I'm sure I look really silly with a baby strapped to my front, a HUGE duffel bag strapped to my back, and my hands full of soap and fabric softener. I always get stuck on the folding part. it is not all that unusual to see clothes piled on the couch for a week... sometimes my hubby takes pity on me an folds them himself.

Kris {The Freestyle Mom} said...

Yep, the folding portion is rarely done at my house. We seem to just live out of the clean baskets until they empty out. It totally works!

Unless you're my husband, who for some reason actually likes things neat and organized. Strange guy.

P.S. I did the laundromat gig for a bit with Boo and I totally know what you mean. I can picture it perfectly!

Leslie Moon said...

Laundry is definitely the enemy. We cram ours in the bathroom closet until the door won't close and the dirty clothes spill out into the bathroom floor! Great blog by the way. Pay me a visit at:

Leslie said...

Its the PINK that kills me. when I had a girl it doubled the laundry because you dont dare wash pink with anything else!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kristie at The Decorologist.com said...

laundry's not so bad. cooking is my enemy. every stinking day i have to come up with something for dinner, and cooking is really hard for me. it's like i have a cooking disability - i just don't get it and can't imagine why anyone enjoys it. drudgery, i tell you. and it's so darn necessary :(

Trulie Scrumptious said...

Laundry is HORRIBLE! Not so much putting it in the dryer part, but the FOLDING part is what gets me... We are thrilled to say we are your NEWEST follower! My sister and I just started a new blog and would LOVE for you to come over and be our newest {blog} friend and follower. Come see us at
Hope to see you soon!

Jessica said...

Dirty little secret... the drawers in my office are crammed with things I find on the floor and don't feel like putting away! Haha! I love this blog entry, I hate laundry, too. I totally relate!

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

I hear ya, dude. Laundry is my dirty little secret too. At any given time, we're all in danger of being killed in a clothes avalanche. But it just sucks so much! Hmpf.


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