The Suspense is Killing Me—Winner!

Wait, what do you mean where have I been?  Oh, yeah.  I sort of disappeared and left you all in suspense.  I hope you were able to eat and sleep as you waited in anticipation for this moment.

See, we’ve been dancing the Viral Waltz and as in any good dance, we’ve been changing partners over and over and never quite getting to the end of the song.  I was afraid to get to close to the computer for fear that I might send our illness over the Internet and infect your computers . . . that’s what they mean about computer virus, right?

Alright.  Nevermind.

Hey! We have a winner. After using a high tech process of typing everyone’s name onto strips of paper and dumping them in a bucket, our Master Of Ceremonies took over.


Paper When he refused to spill the beans as to who had won, his Vanna took over.  And after a record breaking 6.4 second down and out brawl, we finally found our winner!

Got ItWithout further ado, because I’m not one to be long winded . . .

WinnerOur winner is geri! Contact me at freestylemotherhood@gmail.com and we’ll get you your prize.

Thanks everyone for entering.  After being approached about this giveaway, I had nightmares about no one entering.  But, I’d say it was a success. We’ll have to do this again!

1 comment:

geri said...

Gasp!! I am so excited that I won!! I emailed you!


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